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Giving You Access to the Veterans Services You Deserve

VFW Post 2447 is Shenandoah County’s only organization composed entirely of veterans that served in a foreign conflict. At our organization, we continue to keep the camaraderie alive, long after the war is over. When you become one of our members, you can establish friendships with people who understand you and serve the community.

Giving You Access to the Veterans Services You Deserve

VFW Post 2447 is Shenandoah County’s only organization composed entirely of veterans that served in a foreign conflict. At our organization, we continue to keep the camaraderie alive, long after the war is over. When you become one of our members, you can establish friendships with people who understand you and serve the community.


Members of the VFW and the Auxiliary take pride in our history of dedication to promoting Americanism. Through patriotic and citizenship education as well as flag etiquette demonstration, we hope to foster the love of the country within our communities.


The VFW and the Auxiliary aims to show gratitude to the veterans for their dedicated service and everything they sacrificed for our freedom. As such, dedicated programs of loyalty and patriotism were developed and implemented.

Although the weapons of war have changed over the years, the challenge to stand up for what we believe has not. We salute the veterans and active military members who have answered their country's call to arms.

VFW Post 2447

Paying Respect to Our National Flag

The national flag represents the country and is considered to be a living thing. It is emblematic of the respect and pride we have for our nation. Our flag should be displayed proudly in a place of honor.

VFW Post 2447 is a proud member of the Military Tribute Banner Program. As of now, we, together with the Town of Edinburg, Virginia, have placed more than 125 individual banners honoring our past and current service members.

Voice of Democracy

Voice of Democracy (VOD) is a VFW program that the auxiliary enthusiastically supports. We assist in hosting the Voice of Democracy audio-essay competition, which offers an opportunity to instill the proud legacy of patriotism in young people. This program was designed to encourage students to appreciate values and ideals for which the veterans sacrificed so much.

Buddy Poppies

We are distributing Buddy Poppies to the public. This handmade symbol of Memorial Day enables us to honor those who died by helping their comrades.

Buddy Poppies are made by veterans with disabilities for the VFW. We purchase these handmade products, thus providing a small income for the veterans. After, we offer them to the public as we solicit donations for our comrades and their loved ones in need. All funds raised in this manner are reserved for this cause, exclusively.

By buying Buddy Poppies, our veterans are given a chance to make a living. This outreach program is open for all veterans, not just VFW members.

Youth Activities

We have the responsibility to instruct the youth of our nation. Our school-age children must be educated on how to honor and respect the flag. They also need to learn about the history of our country and the debt we owe our veterans. We can no longer assume that these lessons will be taught in the home or included in school curriculums.

Today's children will be tomorrow's leaders. If our democratic way of life is to endure, our children must know the struggles incurred to establish our government. If the freedoms we enjoy are to continue for future generations, the young ones must be taught to appreciate how precious these freedoms are.

The youth of our nation is our most precious commodity and natural resource. Children are not born with a love for their country, a sense of honor for the flag, or respect for our veterans. They must be taught, and we shall teach them!

Each year middle and high school students are encouraged to study our nation's history and their own experiences in modern American society through our Voice of Democracy audio-essay competition and the Patriot's Pen youth essay-writing contests. The VFW and the Auxiliary encourage students who are enrolled in public, private, or parochial high schools as well as those in home study programs throughout Shenandoah County to enter these competitions for sizable cash prizes.

Community Activities

The VFW Auxiliary organizes and sponsors activities for various neighborhoods. It also assists in their post's sponsored endeavors. These projects benefit the local community as well as organizations, institutions, and individuals.

Veteran Rehabilitation and Service Work

Rehabilitation is a service we offer to the veterans and their families after they leave the hospital. We must never forget the sacrifices they have made to keep our country free.

Our veterans and their spouses who are senior citizens play an integral and cherished part in our community. We assist them in many ways. Whether through a telephone call, a card, or flowers, we try to brighten up their day. Some of the senior citizens in our community may find it difficult to get out. As such, we offer them a ride to the church, doctor’s office, or anywhere else they need to go.

Our Adopt-a-Veteran program allows us to continue to let them know that they are not alone, and we are there to help them cope with any problems that may arise in their lives. We help active duty veterans and their families by participating in Operation Uplink which provides long-distance telephone calling cards to the personnel serving overseas.

Additionally, we are increasing our emphasis on service to homeless veterans. Our organization works with shelters, missions, food banks, and thrift shops that provide for the needs of homeless veterans.

National Home Support

The VFW National Home for Children is a living, breathing memorial. It honors those who were in the line of duty during times of war by providing homes to their young ones.

Through service to our veterans, the VFW Auxiliary has made a vow to provide love, care, and education to the children and grandchildren of our deceased or disabled veterans.

We must never falter in our efforts to foster a nurturing and secure environment for the children of our National Home. This facility, located in Eaton Rapids, MI, is on 630 acres of farmland and has 70 buildings that include brick homes, library, community center, chapel, guest lodge, nursery school, and a teen center.

Additionally, we leverage the Health and Happiness Christmas Cheer Fund to assure that each child receives a Christmas gift and a gift for members of his or her family.

Hospital Volunteers

By selflessly providing time, energy, affection, and devotion, thousands of veterans have been cheered, comforted, loved, and thanked for their dedicated service to us when it was needed. We owe all that we are and what we have today to the veterans who answered the call. Now it is our turn to let them know how much we appreciate everything they did, never forgetting their sacrifices.

The veterans we support can be found in the VA hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and residences in every community. The population of veterans who are in need keeps on growing as its members become older and experience more health problems. Some of these men and women have no families or relatives who can offer them comfort. The VFW Ladies Auxiliary members sit with them, read for them, and write letters for them.

Historical Achievements of the VFW and the VFW Auxiliary

  • Fought for military pensions and compensation/training for disabled veterans after WWI
  • Promoted and gained the WWI Bonus
  • Planned the establishment of the Veterans Administration in 1930
  • Supported creation of the G.I. Bill of Rights after WWII
  • Led the development of the national cemetery system
  • Lobbied for creation of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee in 1970
  • Fought for compensation for Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange
  • Encouraged elevation of the Veterans Administration to the President's cabinet
  • Protected and enhanced the VA budget
  • Preserved exclusivity of the VA hospital system for veterans
  • Gained presumptive health care for those affected by the Gulf War Syndrome
  • Provided nearly $900,000 in national disaster relief since 1964
  • Donated $42 million for cancer research and treatment over the past 43 years
  • Raised $500,000 to provide 300,000 care packages to Desert Storm troops
  • Contributed $607,000 to the Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • Donated more than $200,000 to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Provided more than $100,000 to the Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation
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